Ariko: Dark Tide

Ariko: Dark Tide is an educational visual narrative game intended for students fourth grade and up with the goals of educating about issues that threaten marine environments such as climate change, pollution, and the lesser-known focus of the game, Dead Zones, paralleled by a fantasy world in need of saving.

Here on the official website for the Ariko: Dark Tide project, you can find the web version of the game in site and playable through your internet browser.

For a summary of Dead Zones and related environmental issues, navigate to the Further Information page under Resources. For a detailed list of things you can do to combat Dead Zones, climate change, pollution, and more, navigate to the Take Action page under Play The Game.

See the About section for information on the game's creation and check out all of the extra materials including guided educator resources for teaching alongside Ariko: Dark Tide and research links to further your own understanding on the topic.

For any and all questions and queries, reach out at to Elliot Riederer, creator of the Ariko: Dark Tide Project. The game and its entirety as well as all accompanying resources are the sole intellectual property of Elliot Riederer. Work on the project includes but is not limited to: researching for, programming, writing, illustrating, composing, and playtesting all game materials and programming, designing, writing, compiling, and adapting the website and all materials hosted on it and this work was all done by Elliot Riederer over the course of three years and over 200 hours. Do not remove any watermarks on any materials, usage is permitted for personal and educational use only. Thank you.