Educator Resources

Thank you for your interest in teaching Ariko: Dark Tide! No matter if you are a traditional school teacher looking to include the game in a lesson, a Girl Scout Troop Leader planning a troop meeting, or any other kind of educator, these materials are here to help!

These materials will aid you in a deeper understanding of Ariko: Dark Tide and the material it teaches in order to support the sustainability of the project and to help teach the future generations about critical environmental issues in order to inspire and perpetuate a drive to help change the world. Thank you for helping to change the world for the better!

Below is the link to the Google Drive containing the educator materials, which are all free to use on the assumption that credit is given to Elliot Riederer for complete creation and ownership of the game and all its materials, which are strictly for educational and personal use only. Please see the note at the bottom of the home page for more information on rights and usage.

Link to Google Drive of Educator Resources:

Ariko: Dark Tide Public Educator Materials

Overview of Materials:

PC and Mac downloads - downloadable versions of Ariko: Dark Tide for both PC and Mac as well as instructions on how to open and run the application

Lesson Plan - a slideshow explaining all of the material covered in Ariko: Dark Tide and a guide on how to teach the material alongside the game, as well as how to teach the Student Lesson slides

Student Lesson - a slideshow for use in a lesson, guided tips on how to use in Lesson Plan slideshow